The Bosch mindset:

Only someone with clear values can shape the future

The basis of our success:

We pursue seven values to develop solutions and products which make our everyday lives richer. Take a look at some of our projects that show these values in action.

Bosch thinks: consistently

Because we believe in continuous improvement.

We´ve been developing and improving active safety systems for more than 30 years. Today half of all new cars are equipped with an active safety system, such as ABS or ESP®.

Bosch thinks: diversely

Because innovation happens when everyone comes to the table.

Each individual has their own strengths. Together, these benefit us all. More than 150 nationalities work for Bosch at around 360 locations – their diversity is our advantage.

Bosch thinks: of the future

Because we´re working today on the technology of tomorrow.

We’re already working on tomorrow’s technology today. With impressive results such as zero CO2 emissions from electric vehicles, and hybrid drive systems that consume 25% less fuel than internal combustion engines.

Bosch thinks: in pursuit of knowledge

Because only if you keep asking do you find more answers.

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Bosch thinks: innovatively

Because with our solutions we aim to cover a broad range of purposes.

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Bosch thinks: internationally

Because knowledge knows no borders.

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Bosch thinks: about benefits

Because we think first about people, then about what´s possible.

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Franz Fehrenbach, Chairman of the Supervisory Council

Working in a global team:

Shared thinking, embodied principles and values in action form the basis for Bosch’s global success.

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